Unser erklärtes Ziel ist es, deutsche Ausgangstexte inhaltlich korrekt und stilistisch ansprechend in die englische Sprache zu übertragen. Dabei sind wir uns durchaus bewusst, dass die Komplexität der englischen Sprache häufig unterschätzt wird. Wir bleiben dennoch kompromisslos in unserem Bestreben, anspruchsvolle Kommunikation ganz aus der Perspektive eines qualifizierten Muttersprachlers stilsicher umzusetzen.

In diesem Bereich präsentieren wir Ihnen Englischübersetzungen, die wir für gelungen halten. Unter „Portfolio“ können Sie die entsprechenden Fachbereiche auswählen. Darüber hinaus haben wir den Bereich „House of Horrors“ eingerichtet. Hier erscheinen englische Texte, die verbesserungsbedürftig sind.

Englische Wörter … und doch kein Englisch

Den folgenden Text haben wir auf der „englischen“ Website eines deutschen Unternehmens gefunden. Wir könnten uns durchaus vorstellen, dass diese Lösung von vielen Lesern als gelungen betrachtet wird. Als qualifizierte Muttersprachler müssen wir allerdings sagen: hier stimmt gar nichts. Grammatik, Wortwahl, Zeichensetzung, Satzstruktur … in jeder Hinsicht ungenügend.

After more than 40 years of development, production and sale of shut-off and control valves for industrial applications, we now rank with the leading producers worldwide. A network of subsidiaries and representatives grant the service quality which-in combination with a high product quality – made us a well established partner of international plant engineers.

We count on innovative solutions. Requirements and demands of our customers are worked out by our R&D department and result in product modification and innovation .We offer a wide scope of products and services, which covers the standard valve for civil engineering as well as high performance valves and the automation technology for extreme applications.


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The final frontier

Und noch eine Personalanzeige aus dem Hause St.Clair:

Have you (almost) completed your degree studies? Are you inspired by space exploration and keen to pursue a career in this exciting field? If so, perhaps you should take a closer look at the German Trainee Programme. Organised by DLR, it offers you the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with experts from the 18 member states of ESA – keeping your finger on the pulse of Europe’s space programmes. Over a period of 24 months, you will actively contribute to the latest research and/or technology projects. This is complemented by a generous scholarship. What better way to blast off your career in international space exploration? The next GTP lifts off on XX.XX.2014. This is your opportunity to hitch a ride:

Graduate (m/f) Electrical Engineering / Computer Science / Mechanical Engineering as Systems Engineering Trainee
at the ESA Concurrent Design Facility in Noordwijk/NL


ESA’s state-of-the-art Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) in Noordwijk/Netherlands brings together multidisciplinary teams from around the world for the purpose of managing and developing future space missions, satellites and spacecraft. It conducts feasibility studies, assesses various options from a technical and financial perspective, validates new technologies and much more besides…

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Plant engineering

Team Leader
Software Development & Applications Consulting

Software for Plant Engineering and Design

… AVEVA Plant, our integrated suite of software for plant engineering, design and design management, is acknowledged as the world’s leading solution for projects within the power and process plant industries. Committed to maintaining our edge within this dynamic field, we believe that continuous product development and a passion for innovation are essential to delivering best-in-class solutions for the power engineering sector well into the future. As Team Leader Software Development & Applications Consulting, you will play a pivotal role in the overall operations of our international Power Centre of Excellence (CoE). Providing the creative impetus within a high-calibre team of software engineers and consultants, you will be responsible for designing functional improvements and developing new features and applications. This role will involve maintaining a close dialogue with our product specialists at various levels. At the same time, you will be expected to keep a keen eye on the CoE’s overall roadmap, while leveraging the full potential of our product architecture to ensure that the software developed within your team is both consistent and robust. Other tasks will include the customisation and configuration of tailor-made solutions for specific customers. Your prime objective: to deliver added-value applications for our customers and to create a sustained competitive advantage for AVEVA.

This role calls for finely honed abilities not only as a software developer but also as a consultant, the aim being to provide expert advice for both internal and external clients. These duties may also involve occasional off-site assignments. Last but not least, you will ensure that your team members keep abreast of all the latest technological developments in your field and that they are regularly updated on other product areas in which AVEVA currently operates…

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It’s English Jim, but not as we know it.

„Wir gute Firma. Wir Mitarbeiter suchen jetzt schnell, weil wir machen Expansion in die Welt“ … würden Sie das in dieser Form veröffentlichen? Die folgende Personalanzeige ist das „englische“ Pendant dazu. Grammatik, Satzbau, Wortwahl: in jeder Hinsicht ungenügend.

GL is an internationally successful group (Satzstellung und Wortwahl) of companies in the fields of inspection, certification and consulting. Our service portfolio includes offers (Wortwahl) for the maritime industry, for the oil, gas and renewables sector and for conventional and nuclear power stations. Through the offer and the development (Wortwahl) of technical high-end solutions (Satzbau) we are in a leading position among competitors worldwide and we are a reliable partner for our customers offering them excellent quality and security (Stil). With a rapidly expanding worldwide network of more than 7.000 (Zeichensetzung) employees in 80 countries, we offer varied possibilities (Wortwahl) for your individual career planning in a dynamic business environment! We are often looking for freelancers interested to work (Grammatik) as Inspector/expediter or coordinator to be assigned to Client for full/part time jobs …

Problem gelöst

Internationally successful group“ oder „an internationally operating company“ sind Formen, die wir im Englischen selten bzw. gar nicht anwenden.

Stilistisch eleganter wäre beispielsweise „Acknowledged around the globe for its pedigree of excellence, GL brings together a group of companies operating within the fields of inspection, certification and consulting.“

Our service portfolio includes offers“ – eleganter: „Our portfolio includes services tailored to the requirements of the …“

„Through the offer and the development“ – hier wurde die deutsche Satzstruktur beibehalten. Darüber hinaus wurden die deutschen Wörter 1:1 ausgetauscht. Besser: „Committed to developing and delivering high-end technical solutions, we have established ourselves as a leading player within the global arena – a trusted partner to customers demanding the very best in quality and safety.“

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Inspired by Asia

Text & Transkreation: St.Clair Consulting

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Lost in translation

After more than 40 years of development, production and sale of shut-off and control valves for industrial applications, we now rank with the leading producers worldwide. (Wortwahl) A network of subsidiaries and representatives grant (Wortwahl) the service quality which-in combination with a high product quality – made (Grammatik) us a well established (Zeichensetzung) partner of international plant engineers.
We count on innovative solutions. (Wortwahl) Requirements and demands of our customers are worked out (Wortwahl) by our R&D department and result in product modification and innovation . (Zeichensetzung)

Eine Übersetzung für den Reißwolf.

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The euro crisis

WHEN BRITAIN ABANDONED the gold standard in 1931, it was not only forsaking a system for managing the currency but also acknowledging that it could no longer bear the mantle of empire. When America broke the dollar’s peg with gold in 1971, it ushered in a decline that continued until Paul Volcker re-established confidence in the currency in the early 1980s. As Joseph Schumpeter, the great Austrian economist, once wrote: “The monetary system of a people reflects everything that the nation wants, does, suffers, is.”

In the same way, the crisis that has engulfed the European Union (EU) is about much more than the euro. As government bonds, share prices and banks swoon and global recession knocks on the door, the first fear is of financial and economic collapse. But to understand what is happening to the currency you also need to look at what is happening to Europe.

The euro will not be safe until Europe answers some fundamental questions that it has run away from for many years. At their root is how its nations should respond to a world that is rapidly changing around them. What will it do as globalisation strips the West of the monopoly over the technologies that have made it rich, and an ageing Europe starts to look increasingly like the western peninsula of a resurgent Asia?

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Market volatility

Overall, PrintXpress managed to stand its ground in what has become an increasingly volatile market. Despite price-related pressures and somewhat sluggish demand, we succeeded in raising tonnage output slightly and maintaining earnings before interest and taxes at a stable level. Given the current market climate, we can certainly draw encouragement from this performance. As regards our performance in the financial year as a whole, the coming months will prove decisive, a situation which is all the more challenging when one considers that this period is traditionally less buoyant than others. Having said that, we have yet to record a clear trend in this area.

By contrast, our industry’s route for the medium term has already been charted: market consolidation within the European gravure-printing sector has clearly gathered pace. Exposed to these changes, many suppliers are currently assessing their position. What is more, there is evidence to suggest that customers are also considering the merits of allocating clearly defined printing volumes to a select group of service providers. Thus, both suppliers and customers are undergoing a process of repositioning themselves. Drawing strength from its powerful position as the second-largest player within the European gravure-printing market and buoyed by a solid customer base, best-in-class production sites and many years of M&A experience, PrintXpress will make every effort to seize the opportunities arising from a changing market in the interests of all its stakeholders – customers, shareholders and employees alike.

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Economic performance

Global economic recovery loses momentum

Despite the protracted debt crisis and the impact of the natural disaster in Japan, the global economy continued to perform robustly during the second quarter of 2011. Having said that, there was also evidence to suggest a slight loss in forward momentum.

The individual economic regions again produced divergent performances in the period under review. While the emerging Asian markets and Germany generated strong growth, there were no signs of an upturn for countries on the periphery of Europe. What is more, the United States had to contend with a somewhat stuttering economic recovery.

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Stock markets

Unresolved debt crisis sends stock markets into tailspin

By mid-2011 the stock markets had largely recovered from the downturn caused by the natural disaster in Japan back in March. However, fuelled by growing recessionary fears among investors, a situation that appeared unfounded in terms of the overall performance of the real economy, the international capital markets were again faced with a downward spiral in the weeks that followed. Alongside financial stocks, shares of automotive companies also came under increasing pressure, as a number of analysts decided to revise downwards their projected figures for global automobile production in direct response to the anticipated uncertainties associated with future economic performance.

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