“Wir gute Firma. Wir Mitarbeiter suchen jetzt schnell, weil wir machen Expansion in die Welt” … würden Sie das in dieser Form veröffentlichen? Die folgende Personalanzeige ist das “englische” Pendant dazu. Grammatik, Satzbau, Wortwahl: in jeder Hinsicht ungenügend.

GL is an internationally successful group (Satzstellung und Wortwahl) of companies in the fields of inspection, certification and consulting. Our service portfolio includes offers (Wortwahl) for the maritime industry, for the oil, gas and renewables sector and for conventional and nuclear power stations. Through the offer and the development (Wortwahl) of technical high-end solutions (Satzbau) we are in a leading position among competitors worldwide and we are a reliable partner for our customers offering them excellent quality and security (Stil). With a rapidly expanding worldwide network of more than 7.000 (Zeichensetzung) employees in 80 countries, we offer varied possibilities (Wortwahl) for your individual career planning in a dynamic business environment! We are often looking for freelancers interested to work (Grammatik) as Inspector/expediter or coordinator to be assigned to Client for full/part time jobs …

Problem gelöst

Internationally successful group” oder “an internationally operating company” sind Formen, die wir im Englischen selten bzw. gar nicht anwenden.

Stilistisch eleganter wäre beispielsweise “Acknowledged around the globe for its pedigree of excellence, GL brings together a group of companies operating within the fields of inspection, certification and consulting.”

Our service portfolio includes offers” – eleganter: “Our portfolio includes services tailored to the requirements of the …”

“Through the offer and the development” – hier wurde die deutsche Satzstruktur beibehalten. Darüber hinaus wurden die deutschen Wörter 1:1 ausgetauscht. Besser: “Committed to developing and delivering high-end technical solutions, we have established ourselves as a leading player within the global arena – a trusted partner to customers demanding the very best in quality and safety.”