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The euro crisis

WHEN BRITAIN ABANDONED the gold standard in 1931, it was not only forsaking a system for managing the currency but also acknowledging that it could no longer bear the mantle of empire. When America broke the dollar’s peg with gold

Market volatility

Overall, PrintXpress managed to stand its ground in what has become an increasingly volatile market. Despite price-related pressures and somewhat sluggish demand, we succeeded in raising tonnage output slightly and maintaining earnings before interest and taxes at a stable level.

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Economic performance

Global economic recovery loses momentum Despite the protracted debt crisis and the impact of the natural disaster in Japan, the global economy continued to perform robustly during the second quarter of 2011. Having said that, there was also evidence to

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Stock markets

Unresolved debt crisis sends stock markets into tailspin By mid-2011 the stock markets had largely recovered from the downturn caused by the natural disaster in Japan back in March. However, fuelled by growing recessionary fears among investors, a situation that

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Personalanzeige – BASF You collaborate directly with the Business Units of the Nutrition and Health Division to provide value adding creative Supply Chain Solutions to our customers. You assess our customer’s needs through visits and interviews, and implement clearly structured

Annual Report 2010/2011

Annual Report 2010/2011 – Magnat Real Estate AG Die gesamte englische Publikation ist problembehaftet: Satzbau, Stil, Terminologie und Zeichensetzung. Hier lediglich drei Beispiele zur Verdeutlichung. Other informations Im Englischen korrekt: Other information. Die Pluralform mit „s“ als Zusatz ist falsch.


In diesem Bereich präsentieren wir Ihnen Englischübersetzungen, die wir für gelungen halten. Unter „Kategorien“ können Sie die entsprechenden Fachbereiche auswählen. Darüber hinaus haben wir den Bereich „House of Horrors“ eingerichtet. Hier erscheinen  englische Texte, die verbesserungsbedürftig sind.

Management Report

As was the case in the first three months of the current financial year, industry performance as a whole remained anaemic during the reporting period. Irrespective of the seasonal downturn generally associated with the first calendar quarter, restrained demand and

Out of the starting-blocks

Ready, Set… Can an entire manufacturing plant be relocated without interrupting delivery schedules? Steyr Powertrain, a fledgling company within the automotive sector, has shown how it can be done. agiplan gave a helping hand. .…Go! They were out of the

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