Unser erklärtes Ziel ist es, deutsche Ausgangstexte inhaltlich korrekt und stilistisch ansprechend in die englische Sprache zu übertragen. Dabei sind wir uns durchaus bewusst, dass die Komplexität der englischen Sprache häufig unterschätzt wird. Wir bleiben dennoch kompromisslos in unserem Bestreben, anspruchsvolle Kommunikation ganz aus der Perspektive eines qualifizierten Muttersprachlers stilsicher umzusetzen.

In diesem Bereich präsentieren wir Ihnen Englischübersetzungen, die wir für gelungen halten. Unter „Portfolio“ können Sie die entsprechenden Fachbereiche auswählen. Darüber hinaus haben wir den Bereich „House of Horrors“ eingerichtet. Hier erscheinen englische Texte, die verbesserungsbedürftig sind.


Personalanzeige – BASF

You collaborate directly with the Business Units of the Nutrition and Health Division to provide value adding creative Supply Chain Solutions to our customers. You assess our customer’s needs through visits and interviews, and implement clearly structured concepts. Finally, you manage projects and teams, covering topics such as review of the business Supply Chain Strategy, improvement of strategic business processes or the co-development of shop floor solutions. You can rely on a broad network of internal experts and experienced consultants to offer and deliver sophisticated solutions.

You, you, you, you – hier wäre etwas Abwechslung willkommen. Der Text enthält keinerlei sprachliche Übergänge und wirkt somit abgehackt. Darüber hinaus ist die Wahl des Simple Present unglücklich. Im Englischen favorisieren wir die Futurform mit „will“ (s. Anzeige aus Daily Telegraph: „This role will oversee digital product performance and will span development, operations, content creators and third parties that develop or supply features to TMG.“). Die Präsensform stellt eine direkte Übertragung der deutschen grammatikalischen Strukturen dar (s. auch Kurz-Grammatik).

Ebenfalls eine direkte Übersetzung aus dem Deutschen: „Intercultural competency and, ideally, knowledge of the relevant industries complete your profile.“ In diesem Fall wurde sogar der deutsche Satzbau übernommen. Eleganter wäre: Finally, your personal credentials (or „personal profile“) will include cultural awareness and, ideally, a solid understanding of the industries in which the company operates.

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Annual Report 2010/2011

Annual Report 2010/2011 – Magnat Real Estate AG

Die gesamte englische Publikation ist problembehaftet: Satzbau, Stil, Terminologie und Zeichensetzung. Hier lediglich drei Beispiele zur Verdeutlichung.

Other informations
Im Englischen korrekt: Other information. Die Pluralform mit „s“ als Zusatz ist falsch.

Foreword by the Executive Board
Vorwort heißt tatsächlich „foreword“. In einem Geschäftsbericht verwendet man allerdings in der Regel „Letter to Shareholders“. Eine 1:1-Übersetzung ist nicht sinnvoll. „Foreword“ erscheint eher als „Vorwort“ in einem Buch.

This negative trend also did not end after
the fiscal year-end, and continued instead.
Eine unglückliche und äußerst holprige Übersetzung (end after the fiscal year-end). Satzaufbau und Stil sind verbesserungsbedürftig.
This negative trend persisted beyond the end of the financial year.
This unfavourable trend showed no signs of relenting. Instead, it continued into the new financial year.

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In diesem Bereich präsentieren wir Ihnen Englischübersetzungen, die wir für gelungen halten. Unter „Kategorien“ können Sie die entsprechenden Fachbereiche auswählen. Darüber hinaus haben wir den Bereich „House of Horrors“ eingerichtet. Hier erscheinen  englische Texte, die verbesserungsbedürftig sind.

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Management Report

As was the case in the first three months of the current financial year, industry performance as a whole remained anaemic during the reporting period. Irrespective of the seasonal downturn generally associated with the first calendar quarter, restrained demand and excess capacity within the area of web-fed printing put paid to any form of recovery. Both demand and price structures failed to improve during the period under review. Thus, we were proved right in our contention that the current industry malaise is anything but a temporary occurrence in the wake of the general economic downturn but, rather, the result of fundamental structural change which has been exacerbated by the severe recession. Our restructuring programme is tailored precisely to these fundamental evolutionary trends.

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Out of the starting-blocks

Ready, Set…

Can an entire manufacturing plant be relocated without interrupting delivery schedules? Steyr Powertrain, a fledgling company within the automotive sector, has shown how it can be done. agiplan gave a helping hand.


They were out of the starting-blocks! As part of the corporate restructuring plan within Steyr-Daimler-Puch Fahrzeugtechnik the components unit of the Austrian automotive supplier was to be spun off as a separate company. The new affiliate, manufacturer of drivetrains, engine components and axle modules, was christened Steyr Powertrain, or SPT for short. It would now have to stand – and indeed run – on its own two feet.

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Flow, flow, flow … till the cows come home

Here at Cooperativa Terremerse, a well-known manufacturer of animal feed, we once again proved that we are equal to just about any challenge. Taking the bull by the horns, we developed a cutting-edge dynamic storage solution by the name of „Wheel Flow“.

Until recently, Terremerse had relied on a conventional drive-in system to store a small range of products – in large volumes. However, the company was soon pursuing a more flexible strategy, with an extended product portfolio, smaller volumes and faster stock turnover. Too much for the drive-in storage system to handle.

Interroll to the rescue! In close co-operation with GS Scaffalature, a leading producer of storage systems, we integrated its state-of-the-art Wheel Flow technology into the existing storage system, thus creating additional space for Terremerse’s products. A consistent and tailor-made solution with minimal capital expenditure. Refreshingly different!

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Cable Osteosyntheses

The operation is performed in the supine position with the upper arm in a blood-reducing cuff. The arm, washed as far as the shoulder, has only the elbow exposed.

In addition to the cable instruments, we use small Hohmann retractors and two small pointed repositioning forceps.

The slightly curved incision begins three finger-breadths above the epicondylus ulnaris and extends to the level of the joint gap. Directly on the lateral side of the bone the fascia is separated and the fracture exposed. In extra-articular avulsions the joint remains closed; in intra-articular fractures it is opened, lavaged, aspirated, and inspected (Fig. 108).

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Cutting through the clutter

Today’s managers are faced with information overload. Confronted with a profusion of company data and masses of Internet-based material, decision-makers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of things. In fact, more and more time is spent on trying to stay afloat in today’s flood of information – time that could be put to better use at the helm of the company. A fair chunk of the day seems to be dedicated to sorting out important information from bumf and clutter. Help is on the way, in the form of Information Logistics. It provides solutions aimed at reducing the complexity of information processes in and between companies.

The world’s major inventions have one thing in common: they are a boon and a blessing – but also a curse. This applies to the steam engine as well as to the automobile. And the same is true of computers and networks. According to a study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, every year sees an increase in the amount of information made available via the Internet – an extra two billion gigabytes to be precise. Indeed, it generally only takes six to eight months for a company to double its repository of data. And many companies, it seems, have yet to master the intricacies of processing electronic information: time-consuming compilation of data and laborious categorisation are gnawing away at the efficiency gains achieved through automated structures and decision-making processes.

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Global player

Recognised as one of the world’s leading FMCG companies, our client has built an extensive portfolio of high-impact brands marketed in more than 100 countries and generating revenue of several billion euros. In shaping this culture of excellence, the Group has successfully integrated a number of enterprises that share a common goal of creating sustainable growth and shareholder value. The results of this incisive approach are more than convincing: strong financial performance, impressive brand equity and formidable international reach. Committed to maintaining its forward momentum within the global arena, the Group is currently looking to attract a high-calibre business professional for its operations in Norway.

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This outstanding opportunity calls for a high-calibre individual with considerable intellect and energy. The successful candidate will be a qualified accountant educated to degree level, with a solid understanding of legal and tax-related issues. Your academic skill set will be complemented by several years‘ experience gained within the international arena, preferably in an FMCG environment. An excellent understanding of industrial processes and the dynamics of consumer products is essential. It also goes without saying that you will be familiar with international accounting standards. This is a pivotal role in the company, and candidates will be expected to demonstrate formidable commercial prowess, coupled with convincing leadership skills and a results-orientated approach to work. To succeed in this fast-track environment, you will also be a strong communicator, with the ability to think on your feet.

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