slip (Verb)
(aus)rutschen, lösen
Das Wort “slip” nimmt allerdings in Verbindung mit anderen Wörtern bzw. Präpositionen eine andere Bedeutung an.

let slip something (Idiom)
to give somebody information that is supposed to be secret: I let it slip that she had given me 300 euros.

slip your mind
forget something or forget to do something

slip through the net
fail to find something or deal with something: We tried to contact all our customers, but one or two slipped through the net.

slip away (Phrasal Verb)
to stop existing; to disappear or die: She felt life slipping away. Their support slipped away.

slip out
say something without intending to: I’m sorry I said that. It just slipped out.

slip up
to make a careless mistake: Liverpool cannot afford to slip up in today’s match against Tottenham.