Here at Cooperativa Terremerse, a well-known manufacturer of animal feed, we once again proved that we are equal to just about any challenge. Taking the bull by the horns, we developed a cutting-edge dynamic storage solution by the name of “Wheel Flow”.

Until recently, Terremerse had relied on a conventional drive-in system to store a small range of products – in large volumes. However, the company was soon pursuing a more flexible strategy, with an extended product portfolio, smaller volumes and faster stock turnover. Too much for the drive-in storage system to handle.

Interroll to the rescue! In close co-operation with GS Scaffalature, a leading producer of storage systems, we integrated its state-of-the-art Wheel Flow technology into the existing storage system, thus creating additional space for Terremerse’s products. A consistent and tailor-made solution with minimal capital expenditure. Refreshingly different!