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Market volatility

Overall, PrintXpress managed to stand its ground in what has become an increasingly volatile market. Despite price-related pressures and somewhat sluggish demand, we succeeded in raising tonnage output slightly and maintaining earnings before interest and taxes at a stable level.

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Conveying means storing, and storing means distributing. It’s the lifeblood of any intralogistics system. And because all three elements are inextricably linked, we offer an all-embracing range of products tailored to your requirements. Components, modules and systems – efficient, sustainable,

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Although Pushback has been designed as a dedicated LIFO system, it can also be used for buffer purposes, i.e. for the interim storage of goods later to be transferred to dynamic FIFO-based systems. In this case, the last batch to

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Champion’s Night

Those who have enjoyed the sweet taste of sporting success will know that leading a team to victory takes not only skill and belief in one’s own abilities but courage and commitment, passion and perseverance. In many ways, sport and

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