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Market volatility

Overall, PrintXpress managed to stand its ground in what has become an increasingly volatile market. Despite price-related pressures and somewhat sluggish demand, we succeeded in raising tonnage output slightly and maintaining earnings before interest and taxes at a stable level.

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Stock markets

Unresolved debt crisis sends stock markets into tailspin By mid-2011 the stock markets had largely recovered from the downturn caused by the natural disaster in Japan back in March. However, fuelled by growing recessionary fears among investors, a situation that

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Global player

Recognised as one of the world’s leading FMCG companies, our client has built an extensive portfolio of high-impact brands marketed in more than 100 countries and generating revenue of several billion euros. In shaping this culture of excellence, the Group

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Corporate Communication

With 65,000 employees, facilities in 43 countries and a sales network spanning more than 100 locations around the globe, AREVA has established itself as a world leader within the field of nuclear power, offering customers a host of reliable technological

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Champion’s Night

Those who have enjoyed the sweet taste of sporting success will know that leading a team to victory takes not only skill and belief in one’s own abilities but courage and commitment, passion and perseverance. In many ways, sport and

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